Travel Medicine


If you're planning an international trip for business, vacation, adoption, relief work, or study abroad... make sure you get the right vaccines and recommendations from one of our CareSpot Travel Medicine centers before you go.

When planning a trip outside the country, it is important to visit a travel medicine center to discuss necessary vaccines or prescription medications and confirm whether you're healthy enough to receive them. CareSpot makes it easy.

Easy Steps for Disease Prevention

1) Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to learn which vaccines are recommended and required for your travel destination.

2) Contact one of the CareSpot Travel Medicine centers listed below to discuss your needs.

3) Visit the center and prepay for any immunizations that will need to be ordered.

4) Make an appointment to return to the center for a consult to review your health history with a qualified travel clinician, verify your current health status, and receive your vaccinations and any prescription medications.

5) Have a wonderful trip!