Services for Your Overall Health and Wellness

Staying on top of your overall health is important. Wellness exams and preventive care are key components to keeping your body healthy. Many urgent care facilities are not designed to perform annual physicals and well-checks, but MedPost offers school and sport physicals, annual checkups, pre-employment exams, and more. Through our in-house labs, we help patients monitor conditions like diabetes by testing A1C and high blood pressure by single blood pressure checks, all in one place. Even immunizations can be taken care of at our locations.

Physicals and wellness exams

  • School and Sports Physicals – A physician performs a Participation Physical Examination (PPE), looking at existing conditions and confirming whether you can safely participate in the activity.
  • Annual Physical – Designed to evaluate your overall health, clinicians review your medical history and lifestyle, helping you make healthy, informed decisions. A physical exam is also performed and a discussion with a clinician is included.
  • Pre-employment Exam – Required by hiring companies, the individual will talk with a clinician who evaluates the potential employee.

Health tests and screenings

MedPost offers over 50 health tests and screenings at our in-house labs. Some test results are available same-day. Every panel includes an interpretation of the results, and the staff will help you connect with a specialist if necessary. Because the lab resides in the same building as our clinicians, health tests and screenings are easy and hassle-free.


Part of staying healthy is staying up-to-date on your immunizations. For children, back-to-school vaccines are available. Children and adults can also receive immunizations for tetanus and shingles, plus flu shots and many others based on your needs.

Keeping your body healthy and staying current with wellness tests has never been so easy! Take control of your health with MedPost today.

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