Did you get a little too zealous in the pick-up game with the guys? Maybe you caught your child’s cold, or the flu that’s being passed around the office. Or perhaps it's just time for that annual wellness check. For almost anything between sniffles and X-rays, MedPost Urgent Care can help.

No appointment? No problem. You can count on MedPost.

In life, illnesses and injuries don’t bother to ask if "now" is a convenient time. They just happen. Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and other personnel on staff at MedPost facilities understand that sometimes... life just happens. If you are suffering from a sprain or strain or if you’re pretty certain your kids caught the latest bug, get peace of mind knowing that you can get the care you need, when you need it.  

MedPost is more than your typical urgent care facility—offering diagnostics, labs, more than 50 different health screenings and tests, and X-rays, all in one place. It goes beyond the typical urgent care by providing immunizations, well-care visits, preventive care, and physicals. It’s perfect for all your needs that aren’t critical enough for the ER.

More available than the average urgent care, most MedPost facilities are open in the evenings, on weekends, and on holidays. Walk-ins are always welcome, and you also have the option of scheduling online or by phone. Most major insurances are accepted, and self-pay rates are available for individuals not using insurance.

Making the most of modern technology, MedPost Urgent Care takes the hassle out of getting treatment when your regular doctor or primary care physician isn't available. In addition to digital check-in via tablet in the lobby, we offer pre-registration when scheduling online. Further reducing unnecessary paperwork, patients who visit us at one facility can easily be seen at another and know their records are already on file.

MedPost values your time and your comfort. Centering our focus on patient care, we understand that your time is valuable. As a general rule, we make it our goal to ensure patients are seen and treated in under an hour. Of course, severe cases may take longer if the situation is more complex. Additionally, our modern waiting areas are kept clean and well-lit, providing the most pleasant experience possible.

Businesses can also find what they need with MedPost. We offer occupational health services and physicals for employees, helping people get back to work as soon as possible.

What to Bring

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