Healthy Employees Make a Healthy Business

As a business, we understand the importance of having healthy, happy employees while maintaining a healthy bottom line. MedPost offers a broad range of employer services to help keep your business running strong.

To help minimize interruptions, MedPost has extended hours, making it possible for employees to visit after work, on weekends and even holidays. Our in-house laboratories and X-rays mean employees don’t have to waste valuable time running from place to place getting proper diagnostics and treatments. Some test results are available same-day.

At MedPost, we understand that accidents can happen on the job. Since MedPost is an in-network provider for most workers’ compensation insurance plans, your employees can have independent medical evaluations and treatments performed at any of our facilities.

In order to help keep your workplace running smooth, we offer physicals, drug and alcohol screenings, vaccinations, and health tests. Online registration and scheduling of appointments are also available to help minimize potential wait times. Prior authorizations are quickly obtained online, and test results are also reported to employers online, making the most of technology to streamline your occupational health needs.

With more than 50 locations, we offer convenience, communication, consistent care, cost savings, and comfort to each of our patients.

  • Convenience – Our online scheduling allows patients to make appointments from the convenience of their desk without tying up the phone. Through this system, they can pick the location and time of their appointment so that it minimizes the impact on their work. With locations across the country, prior patients could even visit us while on vacation without the hassle of filling out paperwork again.
  • Communications – Our online results for tests allow employers to view the results as soon as they are ready, and analysis and interpretation are included with every test. We practice proactive clinical communication to keep everyone informed.
  • Consistent Care – We regularly undergo training programs to keep ourselves up-to-date. We have procedures, policies and guidelines in place so that our customers receive the best possible care. Regular audits are performed to ensure that we are practicing our policies.
  • Cost Savings – We seek to be as efficient as possible and minimize our costs, passing our savings on to you with the best price available to help your bottom line.
  • Comfort – Looks may not be everything, but they do matter. We keep our clinics clean and comfortable, knowing that patient experience is paramount to success. We want your employees' experience to be as pleasant as possible.

To learn how MedPost can create an account tailored to your business needs and protocols, contact the Occupational Health sales team via email or by calling 1-866-765-2684.