About this Center

  • Overview

    This CareSpot center is located in Orlando at the intersection of MetroWest Boulevard and Kirkman Road, near the Valencia Community College west campus. With an on-site clinician and a dedicated team of 6 to 8 medical professionals, the MetroWest CareSpot offers  convenient and affordable health services in a comfortable environment. CareSpot Metro West offers convenient services to the communities of Sand Lake, Universal Orlando, International Drive, Windermere and Southwest Orlando.

    As a point of reference, you can find this location across form the Wal-Mart on Kirkman Road, in the Starbucks plaza. The street signage offers poor visibility, so please look for the Starbucks and Jimmy Johns to find the correct plaza. Parking is available in the front and side of the building. The lobby includes TVs and magazines, making your visit a comfortable one.  

    Your provider of urgent care, occupational health and wellness services in Orlando, FL for residents of the Sand Lake, Universal Orlando, International Drive, Windermere and Southwest Orlando areas.

  • Urgent Care

    Need to see a doctor today? CareSpot can give you the same-day, comprehensive care you need when you are ill or injured. Walk in, book an appointment online or call ahead to reserve your space. We accept most major credit cards and offer an array of convenient services, including on-site lab work, X-rays, vaccinations and prescriptions filled on-site. 

    The MetroWest CareSpot’s services are a timesaving option that is more affordable than an emergency room visit. These include:

    • Auto Accident Injuries

    • Allergies

    • Bladder and Urinary Tract Infections

    • Cold or Flu Symptoms

    • Cuts, Bruises and Burns

    • Ear and Eye Infections

    • Headaches & Migraines

    • Pulled or Strained Muscles, Sprains or Fractures

    • Respiratory Infections

    • Skin Conditions

    • Sore Throats

    • Sutures

  • Wellness Check

    When you need a check-up, CareSpot offers routine physicals, preventive health checks, lab testing, screenings and immunizations. These regular visits can help you gain a better understanding of your overall health, reveal any health issues or concerns, and may allow you to have fewer medical expenses over time. We also offer flu shots and vaccinations for childrenand work-related needs. 

  • Occupational Health

    CareSpot provides all of the employer solutions you need for a safe, healthy workforce. With extended night and weekend hours, on-site lab testing, in-house prescription filling, online treatment authorization and appointment scheduling, and streamlined billing, our services are designed to minimize workplace interruption and save your employees’ time. 

    Some occupational health services include: 

    • Treatment for Workplace Injuries and Illnesses, including Workers’ Compensation Injuries

    • Pre-Employment, Fit-for-Duty, DOT and OSHA physicals

    • Drug Screenings and Blood Alcohol Testing

    • Immunizations 

    • Audiogram Hearing Testing

    • Wellness Testing

    • On-site Services Available